Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I wish I had more time to post, really I do. There is much to share or, in the very least, to process aloud. We're roughly 8 weeks out from the due date, which is causing significant marveling when we can spare the time. This presence, this expanding belly, this persuasive roll of a leg or a hand against my hands, my cheek- how every moment I can spare I am talking to it, to her, to the belly, to what lies just behind it, gaining half pounds by the week, shielding her eyes from bright light, taking note of our voices. We have names for her, gathering about, staking claim...but we haven't settled on any.

School and work are keeping me monstrously busy. So we imagine all that we'd like to write about, but know that this is going to have to wait until late December before we'll again have time...between feedings, burpings, changings, rockings...this is when we'll have much to say.

Monday, October 03, 2005


This is hilarious. The use of Gabriel's Salisbury Hill is perfect, transforming The Shining into a Cameron Crowe vehicle.