Monday, February 17, 2003

Sheesh, these kick-off entries have been leaning heavy into the political winds. That wasn’t my original intent though it’s maybe not so surprising given the climate- it’s kinda hard to avoid the gusts. I did, however, purposefully avoid reading the Sunday Times yesterday seeing as, after spending the morning and afternoon reading it, I’m usally left with the feeling that I’ve done nothing but skim the surface of dozens of different lakes (oceans?) of socio-economic heartbreak and inanity (the arts and style section, for example) only to find myself left with a queasy residue of vague impressions and inchoate sentiments. So yesterday I camped on the couch and watched Claude Charbol movies (“Le Beau Serge”, “Les Cousins” and best of all, “Les Bonnes Femmes”) listened repeatedly to Fairuz’s “Kamata Mariyam and, come evening, Cathy and I hosted our first ever wine tasting party. Ohh-La-La!

So, anyway, I’m wondering if those opening entries might have left some fuzzy impressions amongst whomever managed to slog through them. I suddenly feel compelled to answer some questions concerning the content of my politics.

Some Things I am Not:

1) A Democrat
2) Certainly not a Republican

Some Things I May Be:

1) A champion of lost causes
2) Too much abstraction, not enough entelechy

Some Things I am:

1) Far left of the traditional center
2) Far too hyped on caffeine at present (Earl Grey, of course…the Jean-Luc way) but I’m also a believer in the old feminist adage, “The personal is political.” Make it so.

Some Things I Hope To Be:

1) Hopelessly optimistic about the future
2) The citizen of a more thoroughly engaged and fully representative democracy

Some Things I Hope Not to Be:

1) Annoyingly pedagogic
2) Defeatist and fatalistic

and so it goes…

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