Friday, April 16, 2004

Wait, Where Was I Again?

When GPS implants become available I’d like to be first in line. I say this after making a series of disastrous directional miscalculations the other evening when I walked to the Music Box for a showing of Jacques Demy’s The Umbrella’s of Cherbourg. Cathy and I had made plans to meet in front of the Music Box on Southport at 6:15, but due to my highly erratic path I didn’t arrive until about 6:50.

Here is what’s great about Umbrellas:

The colors
The soundtrack
Its sly moments of humor
Catherine Deneuve's lovely embodiment of the swooning histrionics of first love
Every line is sung!
Sugar and Spice, Boy Meets Girl mixed with The Algerian war, premarital sex and ensuing child out of wedlock, an ambiguous marriage to a wealthy jeweler, a dying aunt and an ending that crushes the absolutes of the aforementioned first love in the gentlest snow to ever fall on an Esso station in France.

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