Sunday, September 19, 2004

Slave To The Rhythm

The Mac Super Store on Michigan Avenue is like so many of the Big Brand establishments lining that mile of consuming magnificence- it wants to wow you with a kind of World Fair/Epcot Center exhibitionism and, more importantly, to cause each visitor to feel the tech-spirit coursing through the temple of its brand experience. (Parting with your money is your ritualistic offering.) And so it was that I walked through its doors this past Saturday afternoon, made my way through the crowded buzz of its showroom floors and bought myself a new iPod. I felt a great lightness upon exiting.

There’s a narrative I don’t feel like plugging in here, and it’s about how this is one of the most exciting things to happen to my music habits since the CD player and how it's redefining the way I listen to music.

There’s another one, too, where I imagine myself starring in some infomercial for Apple and where I look into the camera and say something like, “Imagine, a 10,000 song jukebox is finally at my fingertips and I find myself without arms!”

We’re slaphappy about…

Hot shuffle play action
Not having to haul CD’s to work every day
Ridiculous 10,000 songs portability
The Thelonious Monk CD we just now fed the sleek and delicious little white block of sonic generosity lying before us
Marathon Holiday Mixes (copyright pending) with a particular fondness for songs about and/or inspired by Santa Claus and Sky Gods.

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