Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blow The Lid Off

I seemed to vacillate wildly yesterday between heartbreak, outrage, confusion, optimism and determination to overcome and move on. This was then followed by additional bouts of heartbreak. I sat eating my Jimmy Johns Beach Club, head bowed and mouth full, as I listened to Kerry’s concession speech. I found it difficult to fully hone in on it, so surreal and numbing was the terrible reality of it- the awful intrusion and realization that this was really happening. It felt oddly historical too, a moment both present and simultaneously being swept backwards into the bygone.

The consensus, amongst everybody I was around and heard from, was that we were all a bit shell-shocked, deflated and angry. And hopeful. Of what, I’m not entirely sure yet- perhaps its those poll numbers that have so consistently shown Bush’s approval ratings hovering just south of 50% and approval of the war in Iraq, as well, just under 50%. And let us take some solace in the fact that second terms have historically been disastrous, with administrations overreaching and soon enough, marred in corruption and scandal- two attributes this administration is already up to its ears in. What we need are determined Dems (and intrepid journalists) willing and able to blow the lid off this steaming cauldron of bullshit.

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