Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nitrogenous Organic Molecules On The Brain

Be aware, that if you’re gonna go and drink 20 completely unnecessary ounces of Diet Coca-Cola w/ Lime at, like, 9:00 pm, the caffeine found therein is gonna go and stimulate your nervous system way, way past bed time! And then, quite possible, your wife may wake you up the next morning at 7:30, after you’ve been asleep for, say, ‘bout 3 hours, to let you know that some dudes may be coming around at 8:00 to do some touch-up painting downstairs. Or they might cancel, thank god, and promise to come on Saturday, which means you could probably go and finish the book you’re reading and zero back in on sleep while big, wet chunks of snow fell outside your bedroom window and the mercury inched back down from weird April like highs to pissed off arctic negatives.

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