Sunday, February 26, 2006

Smile (Or the Joy of the Mutually Reinforced Pattern)

Abby had been smiling in her sleep for some time now, but never while awake. That all changed a few weeks ago. Now, with each day, she smiles more often and for greater durations. With that "social smile" she's also become far more interactive, swiping at the odd little creatures dangling off her mobile, making sustained eye contact and chattering away. It's giddy stuff for us. We thought we should share some of it with you. There is video posted here. It's pretty compressed, and while that translates into a grainy picture it does have the benefit of downloading fairly quickly. We'll try with future video posts to toy with making the quality of the image better without making it so it takes too long to download. No fancy editing here either-- maybe in the future we'll try to make some more creative short Abby films available.

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