Sunday, March 25, 2007

7 Songs

Heath tagged me with a blog meme that's been making the rounds. You're to list 7 songs you're currently enjoying, though I'm probably not alone in thinking it's more fun to follow the thread backward a ways, if only a few degrees of separation. Case in point-- beginning with Heath and working back I came across a 7-year old whose top 7 includes REM's cover of The Clique's Superman. I thought, "Excellent taste, little man, excellent taste!" before feeling peculiar and somewhat ill at ease to be reading a 7-year olds blog, a child who had himself been tagged by none other then his mother. So, you see, following such currents, hoping from hyperlink to hyperlink, blog to blog (ideally reaching its origin) allows for not only a healthy dose of serendipity but odd moments of slightly unseemly voyeurism.

Here are the next 7 songs to be played on the tower's shuffle play:

Little Heart: Harold Budd (Wandering ghost chords, occasional rumbles, chimes...I hope to spend a lot more of life wading in and out of this sort of thing)
Below: Philip Jeck (Jeck works with a modest sampler, mixer, a couple old turntables and 7-inch vinyl. On this cut he loops static, a wobbly sitar -I'm imagining the source vinyl was itself warped- and other unidentifiable sound detritus to create something as sonically cluttered as the present state of our Abby upended living room.
You've Got To Crawl to Me: Johnny Davis (Another one of these Numero Group crate-digger soul reissues, this one focusing on cuts from the Chicago based Bandit label)
Things That Scare Me: Neko Case (Shuffle, with its mysterious shuffle algorithms, sure loves itself some Neko Case. And that's just fine. Blacklisted, from which this songs comes, is drenched in a luxurious reverb, anchored by Case's amazing voice)
Don't Feel Right: The Roots (This song worked well at around the 18-minute mark on a recent treadmill workout...I was ever so slightly inclined, walking a healthy pace with my heartbeat fluxing between 155 to 160 bpm while my endorphin rush mingled, ever so nicely, with ?ueslove's tough strut)
Brond: Mikkel Metal (For which I can think of nothing to say)
Mashed Potatoes
: Nat Kendricks and the Swans (From the always welcome Atlantic Rhythm and Blues 1947-1974 collection, a mostly instrumental with a great breakdown into silence before a grinding sax comes roaring in to serenade a warm, buttery mass of mashed potatoes. Trust me, you'd want to shimmy all around the house in your sox to this one.

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