Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This blog has been on summer-induced hibernation. School, however, is coaxing me from my slumber in the form of LIS768, one of the last classes I'll be taking through Dominican's Graduate School of Library and Information Science. I'll be digging around and writing about various curiosities regarding this fascinating, albeit sprawling and amorphous world of Library 2.0.

For those of you in LIS768--I'm primarily interested in audiovisual services and programming in public libraries, an area that, for a variety of reasons, receives scant academic or professional consideration. I hope to soon post a series of interviews I conducted and filmed this June with some wonderful local audiovisual librarians sometime in the next couple weeks.

I've long wondered how audiovisual departments could, in addition to providing materials to their patrons, assist them with creating content. Pre and post-post production software for creating and editing film or music is cheaply and readily available. Why aren't libraries working with teens, for example, to facilitate and create dynamic YouTube documentaries about their communities?

Perhaps what I find most exciting about the Library 2.0 movement (campaign? lobby? agitators?) is that it embraces this idea of patrons as content creators, whether it be adding comments on a blog or creating podcasts. I look forward to exploring that, among other curiosities, more in-depth over the course of this class.


kittent said...

I just wanted to let you know that your little girl is adorable. Helping patrons with content creation (facilitating both Library and Web 2.0) is a great ambition.

Ruth said...

That pic is very "hoops and yoyo"!