Friday, October 26, 2007

Grrr, Hillary, Grrr

Hillary likes to remind us that the Right has thrown everything they could at her. In fact, that vast right wing conspiracy threw multiple kitchen sinks at she and Bill and somehow, miraculously, they emerged virtually unscathed. They've got nothing left in their barrels but raw disdain. But what lengths will Republicans go to ensure Hillary isn’t elected? Sam Brownback, who recently dropped out of the race, has long been a fierce, fire and brimstone pro-lifer, as good a representation of the social conservative wing of the party as you’ll find. But he seems, recently, to be thinking more pragmatically. Who, when it gets down to it, he's asking himself, has the best chance of defeating Hillary? The answer is Rudy, who, as the Catholic News Agency reports:

Many social conservatives consider Giuliani to be a very weak candidate. They cite his pro-abortion positions and connections, which include support for federal funding of abortions, making abortion available at any stage of pregnancy, support for partial-birth abortion and receiving several donations from Planned Parenthood. Giuliani’s approval of homosexuality is another reason that he is seen as an unfit candidate for the Republican nomination by many.

And let's not forget the cross-dressing! There's so much to dislike. Later, however, the same article had this to say,

According to Jay Heine, Brownback's political director in Iowa, an endorsement could happen because Brownback and many of his supporters believe Giuliani has the best chance of defeating Senator Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee.

How about that? At this rate the social conservative wing may be willing to throw their support behind a gay Republican candidate when Chelsea makes her own bid for the Oval Office. If Hillary really is the Democratic nominee will the Right, especially the social/Evangelist wing, be able to swallow so much of its platform wholesale and mobilize their Hillary hatred around Rudy?

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