Friday, January 09, 2009

Those Hands Belong To You!

At a little over 7-weeks now Megan is beginning to take some wonderful movement away from the basics of feeding, sleeping, pooping and crying. There's something very obviously primal about this first stage, for both the baby and the parent. Your life becomes consumed by the pure necessity of keeping both the child and yourself afloat. You slog through it, exhausted and amazed. Wonder is tempered by ample handfuls of the mundane.

Megan discovered her hands a little over a week ago. All that involuntary hand movement, a kind of infant interpretive dance of flailing, bonking and impassioned conducting, has been slowing up some as Megan pauses more and more frequently to stare at her fingers before placing them determinedly into her waiting mouth. The discovery of hands as boob proxies.

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