Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abby Is the Iggy Pop of 3-Year Olds

Abby will sometimes run around the house in a pair of tights with no shirt on. It's what mermaids do. Abby's mermaid names are either Ariel or Magdelena and she's been swimming around shirtless for a while now. Less now then she once did. Back in February or March she'd swim the murky mermaid depths wearing only her tights just about every day. I'd turn the heater up a degree or two. We made her wear a shirt to bed, though even that would end up discarded on the floor next to her bed.

A shirt's on now more then it's off. But it still comes off from time to time when that old mermaid feeling overcomes her. It was during one of these moments of mermaid whimsy that I recently broke the news to Abby that she was like the Iggy Pop of 3-year olds. She immediately wanted to know who this Iggy Pop character was. So later, when Megan was down for her first nap, we watched a couple Iggy Pop videos on YouTube. I was quickly able to demonstrate that Iggy Pop was just this singer who felt more comfortable performing his songs for folks while naked from the waist up. Both Abby and I respected that.

So now, in those increasingly rare moments when Abby feels compelled to take her shirt off and become a mermaid, I remind her that she's still like the Iggy Pop of 3-Year Olds. A couple days ago she amended that title to something more befitting. "Daddy, I think I'm like the mermaid Iggy Pop of 3-year olds." And she is.

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