Monday, March 03, 2003

As a follow up to my review of “Remember the Titans,” my sister recently reminded me of an anecdote from when she was working as a sales representative for Metatec. It seems that somebody in Management decided that “Remember the Titans” shared Metatec’s workplace Vision of Unity, Teamwork, Grit and Determination. They made free tickets available. Anybody could pick one up. In fact, so important, so doggone inspiring was the Message of “Remember the Titans” that Management, surely rewriting the book on leadership practices, gave the green light for staff to attend a matinee showing…”during work hours!” Not only would Valuable Lessons be learned but so too would there be an increased level of fellow feeling amongst Metatec workers, the result of movie magic's inspiration and wisdom distilled into each and every one of them and, ideally, drawn on and channeled into a unified workplace effort to Make Even More Money for Metatec!

But what of my sister and those other Metatec Sales Representatives? Sure, they could grab a free ticket, but it was separately made known to them and those of their ilk that attending the film “during work hours” was out of the question. So as the post-lunch weariness and tedium set in, my sister and the other untouchables watched as those deemed worthy of basking in the films Inspiration giddily shuffled by, tickets in hand, the work day over. And how did she and the others marooned at their desks feel? Pissed off. But hey, somebody had to take those orders, right? And in sowing the seeds of Unity, of Teamwork and Shared Vision one wonders why Middle Management never thought it might be beneficial to humble themselves by pitching in and taking over the shop for a few hours, you know, for the sake of Unity and Teamwork and all.

I’m pleased to say that my sister no longer works here.

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