Thursday, March 06, 2003

I probably wouldn’t have ever bothered to visit, a political parody site run by Chickenhead Productions, if Cheney hadn’t had some of his cronies send a letter bullying them over its content. It seems there’s a less than flattering parody of Cheney’s wife, Lynn, a prominent public figure in her own right and, from what I know of her, certainly ripe for having some of the righteous stuffing knocked out of her- most notably the publication of a recent children’s book, “America: A Patriotic Primer and the creation and dissemination of her now infamous American Council of Trustees and Alumni list of over 40 professors who failed to muster the appropriate jingoism in the immediate wake of 9/11.

You can see the letter here.
Today’s NYT’s confirmed that the letter is, indeed true. Now, the site itself isn’t all that funny. At least what little I read of it certainly didn’t induce any chuckles. The bullying letter, however- now that was funny! Go get ‘em, Dick! Grrrrrr!

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