Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Basement Tapes Presents: Prom '89!

Back in May of 1989 (May 10th, as a matter of fact) we made a mix tape (Maxell UR90) to be played at our senior prom whenever the hire-a-band took a break. I remember that I left before we started the second side so I could hurry on home to watch an episode of the bloated mini-series War and Remembrance (a sequel to Winds of War). I am, however, pleased to see the inclusion of Big Audio Dynamite’s Just Play Music! on the second side. Of course, we only got through 7 or 8 of the songs on side I. I remember all of them going over quite well, especially Melt With You, which cleared the chairs. I remember Greg Dostal (with whom, I recall, I shared the bond of the Jan Michael Vincent/Earnest Borgnine vehicle, Airwolf ) being particularly peevish about Blue Monday ’88: “You can’t dance to this,” he yelled at me as we all jumped about in our ridiculous tuxes and dresses.

Here’s the mix:

Prom Weekend: DANCE!

Side I:

Melt With You: Modern English
Rock The Casbah: The Clash
Blue Monday ’88: New Order
Can’t Hardly Wait: The Replacements
Linus and Lucy: Vince Guaraldi
Burning Down The House: Talking Heads
Face The Face: Pete Townshend
Charlie Dance: James
Whisper To A Scream: Icicle Works
Mr. Moto: Agent Orange
Boys Don’t Cry: The Cure
Tainted Love: Soft Cell
Bike: Love And Rockets

Side II:

Let’s Dance: David Bowie
Sultans Of Swing: Dire Straits
Could You Be Loved: Bob Marley
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg: The Temptations
Ask: The Smiths
Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division
Dreamworld: Midnight Oil
Shock The Monkey: Peter Gabriel
Black Light Trap: Shriekback
Just Play Music: Big Audio Dynamite

Liner Notes: Prom Weekend: DANCE!” was carefully contrived and concocted one rainy May night (5/10/89) in order to leave No Excuse For Not Dancing at Prom!

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