Sunday, March 28, 2004

When Glass Meets Shoe

I’ve had a great track record with my glasses. Since I first owned a pair, going back 8 years now, I’ve never lost or broken any of them. Until today.

Of course I was surprised to find them under my shoe. Don’t ask how they got there. Is there any moment more heartbreaking then when you first register that- yes, uh-huh, no doubt about it- that soft squish and snap was indeed your glasses giving way to the pressure of your size 12 shoe.

And the shock wasn’t, “Oh, shit, I just destroyed my glasses!” Instead the shock was, “Oh, that really didn’t have to happen!” And yet.

But look. It was time for a new pair anyway. I gathered up the ruins, mended them as best I could, and wondered about how I’d frame my eyes anew.

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