Sunday, August 22, 2004

I Don't Want Nothing Baby/But I Want A Sunday Kind of Love

Today’s special musical guest has been Dinah Washington and her album, What A Difference A Day Makes! I love the exclamation mark there, so very pick-yourself-up- and-brush-it-off hopeful. It’s quite an album too, full of Technicolor strings, PG-13 sexiness and Washington’s pebble graveled vocals. Her vocals are the finest, lightest grade of sandpaper. Sometimes they resemble Jimmy Scott’s, whose Sycamore Trees from the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack has always pleasantly freaked me out.

What I’m liking most about listening to Washington right now is how perfectly the mood of her album compliments my own. It’s perfectly complimentary to the winding down of the weekend, as 11:00 roles around.

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