Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"The Librarian," Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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The great painting on your right was done in 1556 by Guiseppe Arcimboldo and accompanies the Widipedia entry for Librarian. Given that I still have a lot of ambiguity concerning this career path I've chosen, great pieces of art, like this one (disarmingly modern, unbelievably archaic) help make things more interesting, if not necessary clearer.

I feel I've spent the last couple of weeks reacaquainting myself to the vagaries of time management. Prior to this, there was a lot of time and space occupied by fretting, so my ability to negotiate priorities was already compromised. I'm still getting a handle on how much time school related work is going to take up (this is where Netflix really comes in handy) and no doubt beginning a new job on Friday will throw yet another wrench into the works as I work on governing my time. But for now I'm feeling tentatively hopeful. This isn't to say I feel I made the wrong choice, anything but. This seems like the right thing to be doing right now and it was definitely time to step forward and lay claim to one of these interests that has been hovering in my peripheral for so long. I'm certainly looking forward to defining even more precisely what I want to do with this- just what kind of librarian I want to be. Working in the audio/visual field of things is, not surprisingly, incredibly appealing- but there are many areas of the profession that this could extend to, so zeroing in on what's best for me will take some consideration.

In any case, I'll no doubt be writing much more about this profession over the next couple of years. For now, it's way past my bed time.

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