Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ronald The Dirty Clown

Abby loves two merry-go-rounds. One of them is outdoors at Navy Pier and recently closed for the season. Grandma and Abby went there earlier this month and a tent had been placed over it. Grandma told Abby that some folks were "fixing it" and Cathy and I told her she could ride it again when her flowers came up in the spring.

The other merry-go-round is indoors at some mall near Naperville. I've never been there. Abby has, though, and the first time she rode it she noted that the clown sitting near to it was "dirty," which, according to adult witnesses, it was.

A couple weeks ago we had this conversation:

"Where are we going to to go for Thanksgiving, Abby?"


"That's right. And will Abby ride the merry-go-round when she's in Naperville?"

"Yes! And Abby will see the dirty clown!"

The clown was clean this time round. She had her picture sitting next to it. I think from now I'm going to call all McDonalds restaurants "The Dirty Clown."

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