Sunday, November 04, 2007

Said If U Got A Feeling

There's one great, maybe even classic scene to come out of the first few episodes of Jude Apatow's short-lived television series Undeclared. Maybe not enough to put the next disc in my Netflix queue but brilliant and funny enough to make me happy I checked it out.

Because his roommate, LLoyd, is in the habit of getting it on in the dorm room they share, Steven resignedly shuffles off to the student lounge with blanket and pillow in hopes of getting some sleep. Here he finds roughly a dozen other banished roommates taking refuge amongst the well worn couches and television. "We're here because our roommates are having sex," one of the banished offers by way of welcome when Steven arrives.

The banished roommates, Apatow freaks and geeks all, bond by offering each other sympathetic ears and listening as each rationalizes why, in fact, it's them and not their roommates sitting in the lobby at 3 am. After all, why shouldn't they be back in their respective rooms enjoying a little thunder under the covers?

Later, as the night drags on, the camera lingers on the lounge television as D'Angelo's sultry torso rippling video for How Does it Feel, as sexy a slow jam come on as you'll ever find, plays. As the camera pans back to offer what you expect to be the glassy eyed gazes of the sleep deprived roommates, we witness instead the freaks and geeks coupling up and making some mouth music of their own. It's entirely unexpected but perfectly executed, as smooth and sultry as D'Angelo even without the perfectly customized abs.

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