Friday, March 21, 2008

Embracing Your Emerging Eddie Munster

I sense increasingly that my hair is coming to resemble Eddie Munster and that I have to simply accept this, perhaps even embrace it.

At my current rate of hair loss and graying, I can reasonably expect to resemble a friar, ringed by an orbital tuft of hair, by age 55. The demographic flight of my hair from the interior of my head toward the exterior has been slow but impressive. Cathy likes to tell a story from several years back when were living on Paulina in Andersonville. She was driving up to our place when she spotted a man on the sidewalk. She wondered, "Who's the bald guy standing in front of the house?"

"Oh!" she realized. "It's my husband!"

Hair loss surprises us all. Sheesh. But there's no reason to not make it work for you. From now on, I swear, I'm embracing my emerging Eddie Munster.
Now that's creepy!

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