Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tom Skilling, Perfectly Avuncular

Tom Skilling, our local weatherman on WGN-TV (Channel 9 if you're in the hood), one of the Tribune Company's several local TV affiliates, is the perfect avuncular meteorologist. Heavyset, balding and relentlessly pleasant, he commands the green screen along with its impressive array of graphics depicting low pressure systems, wind chills and time-elapsed shots of incoming stratus clouds with consummate professionalism and down-to earth charm. There's something folksy and genuine about him. A little nerdy, too.

TV weathermen love to draw from the record book. We've had one of the snowiest, cloudiest and coldest winters on record according to Skilling, and if you're not a passionate urban snow enthusiast, that means it's been a little on the dreary side. Just this afternoon at lunch Skilling broke it to Abby and I that it looks like this March won't be offering us a single 60-degree day. No teaser day! He reminded us that last year around this time we were enjoying a couple near 80 degree days.

I looked over at Abby and groaned. I turned off the TV and we continued eating our hummus.

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