Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stuffed Hound of Hades--Now At Macy's!

Abby and I met Cathy for lunch at Macy's last week. They have a surprisingly upscale food court on the 7th floor. After lunch we road the escalators, as Abby likes to do, stopping to hug mannequins between floors.

Eventually we found ourselves at FAO Schwartz on the 5th floor where we ran across the above Cerberus. What 2-year old isn't coveting a stuffed hound of Hades? I liked the idea of buying it and putting it in Abby's room, if only to gage the startled reaction of her grandmothers. "Oh, you know, until we get her a real dog, we thought she'd like a hellhound," we'd tell them with a shrug.

Cathy thought this was a very bad idea.

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